Parenting during Corona Virus lockdown

These are tough times. And even tougher for parents. Coronavirus outbreak has led to a lot of us working from home. But, parents have to also cope with kids staying homebound. Schools are shut and parks are empty. Social distancing means children cannot even visit any friends or play with them. But this is also an opportunity for parents and children to reconnect and make the bond stronger. Here are some tips to get you started:

Connect with them

  • Involve children in doing household chores and activities.
  • Read books with them.
  • Listening to music together and shake a leg.
  • Learn some new skills. For example – juggling or finger painting.
  • Make your own music. Get creative with pots and pans.
  • Look at night sky and identify the stars.
  • Talk about their favorite sports, music, movies, TV shows.


Keep your phones away and switch off the TV. Give your full attention to the children and look at their faces when you talk to them. Your children may not remember the scarcities or the hardships of these times, but they will always remember the fun you had together during this period. Make it a memorable holiday at home.

Keeping calm

During this long lockdown, there will be times when the stress of the situation will seem unending. Remember to take care of yourself so you can be there for your children. Do breathing exercises, take a break, meditate, or just talk to friends and relatives you have not spoken to in a while. Your calm demeanor will also help your children cope better.

Educate your child about Corona Virus

Let your child ask questions and express their fears. Explain about the virus and why social distancing has been imposed. If they are scared, support them and tell them that there are millions of people who are working around the globe to fight this virus. And more importantly, teach them to maintain good hygiene and stay safe.

Create a schedule

It’s easy to slip on a daily routine with staying home for long periods. But maintain a daily schedule. It will give your child a structure and they will feel more normal. Include daily chores, exercise, meal planning, and activities in this schedule.

Prevention is the key

With no cure or vaccine likely to be available in near future, our best chance to fight this disease is prevention. Encourage your children to follow these practices:

  • Wash hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Maintain distance from people who are having symptoms (coughing and sneezing)
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces which are in high use

Kids Health has put together a FAQ which you may find useful.

Stay home. Stay with your family. Stay safe.

And finally, don’t let this lockdown become unlimited screen time for your child. Monitor your child and ensure disciplined usage of electronic devices. You may also download our FREE Digital Parenting Toolkit to learn how to manage your child’s screen time more effectively.

Write your comments on how you are coping in these tough times.

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