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Parenting is indeed a tough job that always keeps you on your toes. In a world full of mobile apps, social media, games, and the internet, it becomes even more difficult for a parent to instill good digital habits in their children. There are simply no yardsticks to decide what’s good and what’s not, where to draw the line and how to protect your children. And our grandma’s recipes don’t have a fair solution for screen addiction and consequent stress & anxiety that follows soon.

This blog will bring out the best expert advice and experiences of parents to give benefits of technology to our children while shielding them from any negative effects.

While modern and latest technology has brought encyclopedic knowledge at our children’s fingertips, it has also impacted their social skills, academic performance, and cognitive abilities. Qubit Mobiles is inspired from the idea that existing technology is not surely the best gift for our children and we need better solutions.

We endeavour to bring you solutions that allow your children to not become a slave to their screens and have a balanced and happy childhood.

We have designed an innovative solution that you have been waiting for to improve the digital health of your child. We are carrying our BETA tests right now and will be launching very soon. Watch this space closely.

Happy parenting.

Qubit Mobiles

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